Our Story

Picourt-Cabis, crafting exceptional packaging since 1886.

Picourt-Cabis, French manufacturer of folded labels, lace and embossed papers

Over three generations, Picourt-Cabis has developed unique expertise in packaging for the catering trade. With the know-how inherited from centuries of experience, the family business is now a recognised benchmark in the sector, both in France and internationally.

Able to supply a wide range of standard and customised packaging, thanks to cutting-edge technologies, it aims to support its customers in meeting all their needs and satisfying their expectations as fully as possible.

  • 1886

    This desire to combine craftsmanship, excellence and innovation goes back to the origins of the company. Founded in Paris in 1886, Picourt was once the official supplier to the Tsars of Russia, the Royal House of England and the White House.

  • 1987

    In 1987, at the request of Gaston Lenôtre, the company designed the first machine dedicated to the production of luxury lace, the Baccara, which won the Ruban Bleu award for a remarkable technological advance.

  • 1995

    In 1995, Cabis, a company specialising in paper boxes, joined the group, which also integrated the company Etiquettes Impression, then set up its production lines in the heart of Normandy two years later.

  • 2006

    In 2006, Découp Déco, a company specialising in polystyrene and Plexiglas, joined the business, and in 2013, Picourt and Cabis merged under the aegis of the SOMAFI group. In 2020, the Barquette Française was added to the Picourt-Cabis range of catering products, which now dress the dishes of some of the world's most prestigious houses.

Even today, Picourt-Cabis is the only company in France capable of making traditional baccarat lace, and the company has a design studio that can produce prototypes for the most daring projects.


A recognised specialist in top-of-the-range food packaging, Picourt-Cabis' customers include prestigious names such as Lenôtre, Ladurée and Dalloyau, as well as leading names in luxury pastry-making (Pierre Hermé, Yann Couvreur, Christophe Adam, etc.) and industrial groups.

Every day, our 35 employees compete with each other in creativity and expertise to combine tradition and innovation and design bespoke packaging to meet every requirement. Every detail is considered and every material carefully selected to guarantee exceptional service and products.

Our commitments

While Picourt-Cabis mobilises all its resources to understand and meet the needs of its customers through solutions that reflect the very essence of their expertise, the company is also deeply committed to protecting the environment. It strives to integrate responsible and sustainable practices into all its manufacturing processes (systematic sorting of paper, cardboard and polystyrene, LED lighting), is exploring other avenues (photovoltaic energy, a sales fleet equipped with electric vehicles, etc.) and works with suppliers (mainly French and European in order to limit the carbon footprint) who share the same values.