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Designing and manufacturing packaging since 1886, we offer a wide range of custom and standard products.


Our design studio provides you with all its know-how and inventiveness to bring all your projects to life.

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As specialists in custom packaging, we also offer holders, rings and cases tailored to your needs.

Cardboard catalogue (PDF, 4.4 Mo) Full catalogue (PDF, 9.0 Mo)


Whether you're looking for packaging, bags or towels, you're sure to find what you're looking for in our catalogue, in the colour and size you want.

Paper catalogue (PDF, 2.8 Mo) Full catalogue (PDF, 9.0 Mo)


Available in small, medium or large series, adhesive or cardboard, they come in all colours and formats.

Labels catalogue (PDF, 1.3 Mo) Full catalogue (PDF, 9.0 Mo)


Pyramids, cones, spheres or sculptures, our polystyrene supports can be adapted to all your needs in terms of size and composition.

Polystyrene catalogue (PDF, 569.7 ko) Full catalogue (PDF, 9.0 Mo)


From lollipop displays to champagne cascades, discover our containers and supports for receptions and window displays.

Plexiglass catalogue (PDF, 918.7 ko) Full catalogue (PDF, 9.0 Mo)