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The website (hereinafter referred to as the Site) is published by Picourt-Cabis SA (hereinafter referred to as the Company), a company with share capital of 732,000 euros, registered in the Évreux Trade and Companies Register under SIREN number 582 071 155, with its registered office at 39 route d'Herqueville, 27430 Andé, France.

The publication director is Ms Clémence Degonzague, Commercial Director.

Intellectual property rights

The presentation and content of the site, including photographs, texts, slogans, drawings, images, videos, animated sequences with or without sound, as well as all works integrated into the site, are the exclusive property of Société Picourt-Cabis SA or third parties who have given Société Picourt-Cabis SA limited authorisation to use them.

Consequently, any total or partial use, copying, reproduction, publication, downloading, translation, display, transmission or distribution of this site in any form whatsoever without the express authorisation of Société Picourt-Cabis SA is prohibited, unless expressly authorised by the applicable law, with the exception of use for press purposes.

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he Company accepts no responsibility for the content of linked sites. Regardless of the type of link established from an external website, known as a “linking site”, to that of Picourt-Cabis SA, the latter reserves the right to oppose its establishment.

The Company has done everything in its power to ensure that the information accessible via the Site is accurate. However, the Company in no way guarantees that this information is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

Under no circumstances may the Company be held liable for any direct or indirect damage whatsoever arising from the use of the Site. The Company also declines all responsibility for any interference, interruption, disconnection or any other problem with the operation of the Site.

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The user of the Site fully guarantees the Company against any claim or recourse from a third party concerning the use of the Site made by this user.

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These Terms and Conditions are governed by French law, to the exclusion of its conflict of laws rules. The French courts have territorial jurisdiction to hear any dispute relating to the use of the Site.



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